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After months of hard work, I am proud to present Writer's Block's new site. What's the big deal? What is new? Which bus gets to the central station? All answers in the post below.

When I first started this blog six years ago (give or take), I hadn’t thought about the future. I just started writing and let the world lead me by the nose. A lot has happened since. The blog opened a whole new world of writing and a new career that came with it. I found myself writing for a living, a thing that six years ago sounded fictional to me. I wrote a few promotional blogs, published book reviews in one of Israel’s top 10 sites, ran the magazine of a small niche website and built some websites facing the big world. Now it is time to complete a 360 degrees turn and get back to where it all began, but this time, looking forward. That is why I have invested the last few months in rebuilding the site to turn it into a fresh topical literature magazine, and some other words that PR agents use all the time. In short, welcome to Writer’s Block 2.0 (or is it 3.0? whatever, drumroll, music, fireworks, let the party begin).

So what is waiting for you on the new website?

Except for the new amazing design, you can find some new exciting sections that will add some literature flavor to your day. Here is a little taste:

The magazine – some topical literature never killed anyone. At least, not anyone I know. The hottest literature news, magazine articles and more.

Literature fun – Quizzes, questionnaires, and all that falls on the more amusing side of the written word.

Recommended books – have no time to go through all the reviews to find a good book to read here and now? Standing embarrassed in front of the prose shelf in the local bookstore and can’t decide? The recommended books section will show you only the books that got four or five stars in the site’s complicated rating system. Don’t even have the time to go through the recommended books list? No problem. On the site’s homepage, you will find three recommended books that were randomly selected by the system.

The awful books club (That was retired lately) – a collection of horrible books that until this day was only familiar to any of you who have followed the site’s Facebook page, has been orderly moved onto the site. So if you think that you have seen it all, you are more than welcome to check it out for yourselves and be shocked.

What lies in the future? Who knows. Guest posts, some more sections, short stories, and maybe even taking over the world.

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